The Coven Bar


The Coven Bar
in Mitte


9-11 €/cocktail


4.8 / 5


4.5 / 5


4.7 / 5

You enter our favourite bar through an arch made of living vine, which hides the entrance a little bit and could symbolize abundance, luxury and well drinks or more symbolic a gathering. If you pass this arch you enter a special gathering indeed – The Coven.

The design of The Coven bar was done by Thilo Reich and honors the name. It is dark, but as you enter the space you get a feeling of being a part of a (maybe strange and occult) community. The elements of the interior make you expect a witch to appear. And believe me – they frequent this place. Cages, dimmed industrial style lamps, life-like owl and a head of an antelope on the wall complete the ambience, as the projection of a sinful nun is the last touch, which lets a guest feel the place and has something of the Berghain atmosphere.

The Coven is one of the few queer bars in Mitte. The bar is located between Monbijou park and Hackescher Markt. Despite its central location it is slightly hidden and therefore the public is of great variety, but consists mostly of regulars, which frequent this establishment because of the great concept combined with appealing design, great drinks and fascinating music, which all arose from its owner Armand Manukyan and is upheld by The Coven’s staff.

Armand mans the counter almost every night and gives any visitor a sense of being warmly welcomed together with drinks served with personal touch. The cocktails in The Coven are held as classics with a twist. Our favourite cocktails in the bar are Mezcal and Buorbon Sour as well as Lychee Martini. But Armand and his team make also excellent Mules as well as signature drinks Coven Garden and Coven Julep.

The recent additions are the “Cool Kidz”, “Escobar” and “Kiss and tell”, which give you different impressions – from refreshingly dry, through flavorful bitter to sweet and berry. The last one, which you get to taste before you leave after a long night, is “The Hemmingway”, as it is served as a reverence from the house.