Stairs Bar

Our rate

4.5 / 5


12-15 Euro/cocktail




Read the full article inspired by the “Stairs” bar here: The (Penrose) Stairs.

The “Stairs” bar is located in the Uhlandstraße in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. The entrance is hidden. In fact we had to ask for location and still missed it. After ringing the doorbell we were let in and landed in the part of the location, which probably gave the bar its name. The staircase leads from the entrance up to the bar. An impressing detail is that you go up until you can look down onto location and then descend into the first room, where the counter is located.

Of course the designer used bars name as inspiration and therefore above the bar the shelf with the spirits takes the form of the stairs and also patterns on the walls and the chandelier are inspired by the staircases.

A similar principle can be found in other areas in the bar. In the menu and in the concept itself. Each page of the menu offers an ascending in creativity, as you can choose between a classical cocktail, the same cocktail with a twist and a house specialty.  The atmosphere and the quality of the drinks as well as the creativity make it worth the price. We tried Aviation, Violett Fizz, Womanhattan, Aged Rob Roy, Clover Club and Spit and Stars. The Aviation is a classic, which is hard to balance. The original recipe, invented 1916, as served in “Stairs” contains Creme de Violette, which was hard to get in Europe and USA for decades and therefore there is a later and much sourer version without Creme de Violette and more Maraschino liqueur. I love sour cocktails, but in this case I fashion the elusive taste of Creme de Violette as well as the vanishing blue colour of the cocktail. The Aviation with a twist is Violett Fizz, which replaces Maraschino with sugar, Aqua Faba and soda. It gives the cocktail additional sparkling feeling, but makes it less strong. It is refreshing, has the violet taste and will please any Fizz lover. Aged Rob Roy, Clover Club and Spit and Stars are all cocktails with a twist. Clover Club as a variation of a White Lady was pleasant but felt featureless. Spit and Stars is twist on Sand and Blood, which was heavy on taste and alcohol, but thrilling and fitting the ambience of the bar. I enjoyed the Aged Rob Roy, which is a version of Rob Roy aged for three months in a port barrel. The process gives this cocktail a distinguishable note in taste and I recommend it to anyone, who likes the barrel-aged drinks.