Goldfisch bar


High quality bar in Friedrichshain


10-14 €/cocktail


4.2 / 5


4.0 / 5


4.4 / 5






Goldfisch bar is a small bar in the busy Grünberger Straße. Friedrichshain is a busy kiez, but high quality locations are seldom here, regardless if it is a restaurant or a bar you are looking for. Goldfisch bar is an exception.

The bar is hard to spot from the street and easy to walk by, if you don’t know what you are looking for. It is not a speak-easy bar, which are so fashionable nowadays. It is just small.  Direct at the entrance is a small sitting area. The rest consists mainly of one long room with a bar inside. On the far side of the room four sitting tables with a large couch are located. It opens at 7pm, but nevertheless the bar is dark inside even in summer. The barkeepers are friendly and attentive.

There is a myth that a goldfish has a memory span of three seconds. This myth was debunked recently by E. E. Edwards, K. M. Tarvis and C. A. Shelley. No wonder then that the bar itself is quite old and does not forget it’s legacy. The location was in this spot for some time, but was taken over by a new team in 2017. After take over the team didn’t change the name of the bar and also kept several drinks from the menu of the original bar. One of them is Caramel Whisky Sour, which we recommend to anyone who would like to try a slightly less viscous and heavier in taste variation of Whiskey Sour with additional aromas.

However, significant re-branding was done and the main purpose of the bar is to serve high quality drinks – classic or with a house signature twist. We can recommend bottled Negroni or Boulevardier, which is a variation of Negroni with bourbon. Also Sugitez – a cocktail with Sake, is to be recommended, as well as Aviation, which is made with homemade creme de violette liqueur and has therefore a sparkling orange color.

All in all, if you happen to be in Friedrichshain and would like to visit a nice bar, Goldfisch bar is one of the few, which we recommend.

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