Our rate

3.9 / 5.0


9-12 Euro/cocktail
(some cocktail are 15/16 Euro)

Our recommendation: Noach (a bottle aged Whiskey Sour with Pecanus and walnut note)

Chapel is the bar in the Sonntagstraße and the name of the bar derives from the name of the street, as every Sunday (Sonntag in German) you have to visit a chapel. The bar itself is 6 years old, but Maik as owner introduced some changes a half a year ago.

The interior is a mix of antique and modern – chairs, mirrors, chandeliers and images. It is a mixture, which is seen in some Berliner bars, especially in Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg, however in Chapel this mix is fitting and gives a visitor a feeling of being in a timeless location. The most important part of the bar are drinks. They have to be chosen from a hymnbook, where each drink symbolizes a patron – as e.g. Nicolas of Myra as the patron of fishermen. Because the bar combines modern with antique some of the patrons are modern and well-known people as e.g. St. Flemming who is the patron of Penicillin and humankind.

The drinks are often served in special glassware or ceramics. Ceramics is manufactured by the Behindertenwerkstatt Berlin (handicapped workshop), which have collaboration with Chapel. The drinks have a twist – as e.g. homemade ginger liquor in St. Flemming, interesting mix of ingredients like in St. Florian or aging in the barrels (aged Negroni) or bottles (Noach).

In the case of Noach the reaction of the tannins with acid and alcohol removes the heavy taste of tannins and the strength of the acid. The result is an astonishingly smooth but very sweet whiskey sour with a smooth nutty aftertaste.