100 Gramm


100 Gramm


Weinbergsweg 25


9-10 €/cocktail


4 / 5


4 / 5


4 / 5






100 Gramm is a new bar in Russian or US-American style close to Rosenthaler Platz. Why Russia or US? Because in this bar you can order food. This is common in these two huge countries, however there are not many bars in Berlin, where it is possible. It has some advantages as you can have a dinner and continue with drinks after or you can satisfy your cravings after a second cocktail immediately while having a third one. The food is Russian signature food reinvented as tapas. It is delicious and can be served together with infusions (e.g. garlic-infused vodka).

The cocktail card consists of 4 parts – you can choose between cocktails and longdrinks as well as between classic or signature drinks. The signature drinks are mostly made with infusions based on vodka, however also some of the classic cocktails are served with twist.

The price of the cocktails is moderate and however some of the cocktails remind a visitor on the “little black dress” – beautiful to contemplate, but short on the substance. In the end you might end up ordering more than usual cocktails during the evening and end up in the same condition. Even though the service is nice and corteous it is not exactly fast, which, combined with the size of some drinks, can leave you dry for some time.

The owner invested in interior design in contrast to many bar in Berlin. The marmor plate at the bar, the lights and the tables make an impression, the bar is however not flamboyant or glamorous. We will recommend it to anyone, who has some time and wants to enjoy quality drinks and food in a pleasant atmosphere.



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